Demo scene competition!

The home computer demo scene has resulted in some amazing feats of hacking and pushing hardware to its limits.

The Tiny Tapeout demo scene sticks to the same video / sound output format, but you create your own ASIC hardware!

All entrants will get a free VGA and Audio PMOD expansion module!

What are the rules?


  • Newcomer - TT08 must be your first tapeout on Tiny Tapeout,
  • Best sound track,
  • Best single tile design,
  • Best graphics,
  • Most impressive for the size,
  • Rulebreaker - example using more than 2 tiles, using RP2040 for something. be aware that judges must be able to test your design with no additional hardware,
  • Mixed signal - uses some analog in the design,
  • Most useful design,
  • Secret category announced 1 week before the deadline!

How to enter

  • Submit your design’s URL to the competition form before the closing date of 6th the September.

How to get help



  • All entrants will get a VGA and audio PMODs and a sticker pack.
  • Winners of each category will receive combinations of:
    • Matt’s first ASIC die mounted in an epoxy cube, numbered and signed,
    • ASIC baseball caps,
    • Free tiles for future tapeouts,
    • Silicon wafers,
    • Previous TT chips.


Confirmed so far:

Small print

  1. How will the competition be judged? A panel of appointed judges will vote and have the final say. The submissions will be judged on the results the judge gets on their boards.
  2. Will there be any extension to the deadline? No, it’s September 6th.
  3. You can change the documentation used by the judges up to the point of judging the design. Any changes must be submitted to the chip datasheet by pull request to the GitHub repository.
  4. When will the competition be judged? 2 weeks after 75% of the boards have been received by entrants (estimated June 2025).
  5. Your design must not depend on any other hardware.
  6. You are not limited to a maximum clock frequency, but if the judges can’t get the design to work (because their ASIC is slower for example) then you run the risk of not qualifying. You are advised to use ~80MHz or less.
  7. You are advised to stick with a standard VGA timing, if it doesn’t work on the judge’s display you run the risk of not qualifying.