GPIO pins

GPIO pins

There are total of 26 I/O pins available for your design:

Name Count Direction Description
clk 1 Input Clock input
rst_n 1 Input Active low reset
ui_in[7:0] 8 Input General purpose input
uo_out[7:0] 8 Output General purpose output
uio[7:0] 8 Bidir General purpose I/O

Internally, both the clk and rst_n pins are handled like any other input pins. However, they have special meaning to the Tiny Tapeout demo board. For more information on the clk pin and input synchronization, see the Clock section.


The caravel chip uses the sky130_ef_io_gpiov2_pad macro for the I/O pads. The documentation lists the following limitations:

Parameter Limitation
Maximum output frequency 33 MHz
Maximum input frequency 66 MHz
Drive strength (source/sink) 4 mA
IO supply voltage * 1.71V - 5.5V

* The demo board provides 3.3V IO supply voltage. The input pins are not 5V tolerant.

Electrical Characteristics

Note: the following measurements were taken on a single die at ~22 °C and may not be representative of future batches. They are only provided for reference.

Sink IV Curve Source IV Curve