Tiny Tapeout 1

Design details

Launch stats

  • Launched: 2022-08-17
  • Submission closed: 2022-09-01
  • Submitted to Efabless 2022-09-05 for the MPW7 shuttle using Skywater 130nm open source PDK
  • Chips expected November 2023. As this was a trial run, we are not expecting to manufacture or deliver PCBs

Project statistics

  • 152 projects submitted. Each project is 100um x 100um
  • 100 people willing to pay $100 for the chip mounted on a PCB.
  • 115 used Wokwi graphical editor, 31 Verilog, 3 XLS, 2 Chisel, 1 Amaranth
  • 15k standard cells used across all projects.
  • Most cells used in a design was 600, the least was 14.
  • Total wire length 772 mm.


Whole die

whole die

Render of whole die


By Maximo Balestrini

Zoom on 6 individual designs


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Project Showcase

We had several methods for submitting to Tiny Tapeout, the Wokwi graphical version, and HDL support for Verilog, Chisel, Amaranth etc.

Wokwi projects

HDL projects

Selected community contributions

Testimonials / Endorsements

I want to change my VLSI class in the spring (April-June) to utilise your tiny chip infrastructure. If I could say every student in my class got something made, that would be awesome.

I teach digital design in UAE and would be keen to get in contact and learn about the next submission date where my students could submit their test structures for tapeout.

I am a CS and EE teacher and in my final year as a PhD student at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). Since we teach courses on both digital and analog electronics, I thought it would be a great opportunity for students to materialise their work.

Built a CRC logic for the http://tinytapeout.com of @matthewvenn with my son. Looking forward if the tapeout happens 🥰 Yet either way, the workflow is astonishing. CI/CD for chip design 🤯

Thank you for doing it - I always wanted to join these OpenMPW shuttles, but never felt ready for it. TinyTapeout provided a way for me to get in, while only spending 1 evening of effort on my end. That’s amazing!

Just made a 4-bit barrel shifter by using this http://tinytapeout.com toolkit. It’s quick and fun to use. The GDS even generated within minutes. Everyone should try this.

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