3 Scrolling Binary Matrix display

3 : 0b 000 000 011 : Scrolling Binary Matrix display

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  • Author: Chris
  • Description: Display scrolling binary data from input pin on 8x8 SK9822 LED matrix display
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  • Clock: 6000 Hz
  • External hardware: Requires 8x8 matrix SK9822 LED display and 3.3V to 5V logic level shifter to convert the data and clock signals to the correct voltage for the display.


How it works

Uses 8x8 matrix SK9822 LED display to scroll binary data as 0s and 1s in a simple font, from the input pin. Designed in verilog and tested using iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Kit. Each LED takes a 32 bit value, consisting of r,g,b and brightness.

How to test

Need 8x8 matrix SK9822 LED display and level shifter to convert output clock and data logic to 5V logic.


# Input Output
0 clock LED Clock
1 reset LED Data
2 digit none
3 none none
4 none none
5 none none
6 none none
7 none none