24 Simple multiply

24 : 0b 000 011 000 : Simple multiply

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  • Author: Anton Maurovic
  • Description: Multiply two 8-bit numbers, get a 16-bit result.
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  • Clock: Any Hz
  • External hardware:


How it works

This very simple design streams in two 8-bit numbers (split into nibbles) and then streams out their 16-bit product (split into bytes).

Following a synchronous reset, each rising clock edge represents a new step in a sequence of 6 steps: (1) load first value’s high nibble; (2) load first value’s low nibble; (3) load second value’s high nibble; (4) load second value’s low nibble; (5) present high byte of product result at output; (6) present low byte of product result at output.

It then repeats this sequence.

How to test

After synchronous reset, expect result output to be 0. Set nibble to a value of your choice, then pulse the clock. Repeat 3 more times.

Then pulse the clock 2 more times, each time expecting to get a byte at the output result.


# Input Output
0 clock result[0]
1 reset result[1]
2 none result[2]
3 none result[3]
4 nibble[0] result[4]
5 nibble[1] result[5]
6 nibble[2] result[6]
7 nibble[3] result[7]