0 Chip ROM

0 : Chip ROM

How it works

ROM memory that contains information about the Tiny Tapeout chip. The ROM is 8-bit wide and 128 bytes long.

The ROM layout

The ROM layout is as follows:

Address Length Encoding Description
0 8 7-segment Shuttle name (e.g. “tt04”), null-padded
32 96 ASCII Chip descriptor (see below)
The chip descriptor

The chip descriptor is a simple null-terminated string that describes the chip. Each line is a key-value pair, separated by an equals sign. It contains the following keys:

Key Description Example value
shuttle The identifier of the shuttle tt04
repo The name of the repository TinyTapeout/tinytapeout-04

Future Tiny Tapeout shuttles may add more keys to the chip descriptor.

Here is a complete example of a chip descriptor:


How to test

Read the ROM contents by setting the address pins and reading the data pins. The first eight bytes of the ROM are 7-segment encoded and contain the shuttle name. You can read them by toggling the first four DIP switches and observing the on-board 7-segment display.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 addr[0] data[0] none
1 addr[1] data[1] none
2 addr[2] data[2] none
3 addr[3] data[3] none
4 addr[4] data[4] none
5 addr[5] data[5] none
6 addr[6] data[6] none
7 addr[7] data[7] none