1 TinyTapeout 04 Factory Test

1 : TinyTapeout 04 Factory Test

How it works

If input 0 is high, then a counter is output on the outputs and the bidirectional outputs. Otherwise the inputs are mirrored to the outputs.

How to test

Set input 0 high. Check the outputs are toggling.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 sel / data_i[0] data_o[0] (when sel=0) / counter_o[0] (when sel=1) counter_o[0]
1 data_i[1] data_o[1] (when sel=0) / counter_o[1] (when sel=1) counter_o[1]
2 data_i[2] data_o[2] (when sel=0) / counter_o[2] (when sel=1) counter_o[2]
3 data_i[3] data_o[3] (when sel=0) / counter_o[3] (when sel=1) counter_o[3]
4 data_i[4] data_o[4] (when sel=0) / counter_o[4] (when sel=1) counter_o[4]
5 data_i[5] data_o[5] (when sel=0) / counter_o[5] (when sel=1) counter_o[5]
6 data_i[6] data_o[6] (when sel=0) / counter_o[6] (when sel=1) counter_o[6]
7 data_i[7] data_o[7] (when sel=0) / counter_o[7] (when sel=1) counter_o[7]