17 Digital Cipher & Interlock System

17 : Digital Cipher & Interlock System


How it works

Can be used as a simple puzzle demo or as a safety chain/interlock on equipment. Being hardware interlocks without microcontroller logic it mimics a standalone safety relay function which is used to verify all subsystems are online before allowing machinery to run. The high or low input can be tied to the sensors and switches in the safety chain. Only when all are in the desired state will the output be OKAY/HIGH. NO and NC switches/sensors can be tied to the appropriate pins. Feedback signals are provided from gate outputs by FB1 through FB7

How to test

Provide below inputs on the required pins to activate output


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 HIGH HIGH All Chain Unlocked none
1 LOW FB1 Feedback signal none
2 HIGH FB2 Feedback signal none
3 HIGH FB3 Feedback signal none
4 LOW FB4 Feedback signal none
5 HIGH FB5 Feedback signal none
6 LOW FB6 Feedback signal none
7 HIGH FB7 Feedback signal none