247 Angardo's pong

247 : Angardo’s pong

How it works

This is a pong game, it uses a neopixel led matrix 8x8 as display. To control the game, each player has two push buttons to move up and down the paddle, an extra push button is used to start the game. The game ends when the ball touch the left or the right side of the matrix. To set the initial conditions of the game press the reset button.

How to test

To use the project you must to connect the 6 push butttons (two for player 1, two for player 2, one for start game, and 1 for reset) with an pull up resistor, also you need conect the data in pin of neopixel matrix to driver_neopixel output.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 start driver_neopixel none
1 p1_up none none
2 p1_down none none
3 p2_up none none
4 p2_down none none
5 none none none
6 none none none
7 none none none