294 Binary to 7 segment

294 : Binary to 7 segment

How it works

The binary to 7-segment LED decoder has four 1-bit inputs IN3, IN2, IN1, IN0, and seven 1-bit outputs OUT0, OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4, OUT5, OUT6, for controlling the seven segment of the LED display

How to test

Increase the inputs from 0000 to 1001 to display the numbers from 0 to 9, respectively.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 IN3 OUT0 (segment a) none
1 IN2 OUT1 (segment b) none
2 IN1 OUT2 (segment c) none
3 IN0 OUT3 (segment d) none
4 none OUT4 (segment e) none
5 none OUT5 (segment f) none
6 none OUT6 (segment g) none
7 none none none