326 RS Write Decodifier

326 : RS Write Decodifier

How it works

It works via selecting the corresponding RS needed

How to test

Manupulate the input switches to see the decodifier outputs


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 in_rs_write[7] out_rs_write[7] in_rs_write[11]
1 in_rs_write[6] out_rs_write[6] in_rs_write[10]
2 in_rs_write[5] out_rs_write[5] in_rs_write[9]
3 in_rs_write[4] out_rs_write[4] in_rs_write[8]
4 in_rs_write[3] out_rs_write[3] out_rs_write[11]
5 in_rs_write[2] out_rs_write[2] out_rs_write[10]
6 in_rs_write[1] out_rs_write[1] out_rs_write[9]
7 in_rs_write[0] out_rs_write[0] out_rs_write[8]