343 Simple ALU

343 : Simple ALU

How it works

Based off the Overture Architecture fround in the game “Turing Complete”

The ALU has only 6 instructions which are decided by the 3 least significant bits. xxxxx000: Logical OR xxxxx001: Logical NAND xxxxx010: Logical NOR xxxxx011: Logical AND xxxxx100: Addition of Data_0 + Data_1 xxxxx101: Subraction (Data_1 - Data_0)

How to test

The ALU should perform the logical and arithmetic operations as stated by the coressponding instructions above.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 i_instruction //ALU instruction, 8 bit wide input o_result //ALU data output, 8 bit wide none
1 i_data_0 // Data input 0, 8 bit wide input n/a none
2 i_data_1 // Data input 1, 8 bit wide input n/a none
3 n/a n/a none
4 n/a n/a none
5 n/a n/a none
6 n/a n/a none
7 n/a n/a none